Do Ho Suh


On two recent trips to Cincinnati, I had the opportunity to see Passage, the exhibition by Do Ho Suh, that is showing at the Contemporary Arts Center. I am really pleased that I went back for a second look. Suh’s work consists of reproductions of rooms, stairwells, appliances, sinks, tubs, and more from many of the different homes that he’s lived in over his life.  They are constructed of stiff fabric built over a wire armature.

As I walked through the exhibits, I was struck with a sense of cold nostalgia. Familiar items were faithfully reconstructed in fine detail, down to the labels inside the refrigerator. What was missing was any sense of human occupation or connection. I was struck by the scale of the effort and work. The light filtering through the fabric was gorgeous and the colors added to my interest. However, I could never quite lose a feeling of loneliness, sometimes even sadness.

And maybe that was Suh’s point. During his life, he has lived all over the world and I can imagine in the process he was never able to develop a sense of home. As always, I use the feel test when I walk out of an exhibition. Did I feel something? Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I think Suh’s work passed the test with bonus points.

Here are some images to give you more insight into his work.



fiction friday: waiting for the 3:14

Waiting for the Train


Detroit. I can see the question forming on your face, long before it reaches your lips. I am going to Detroit. I will be on the 3:14 with a one way ticket in first class. I am going in grand style because this will be my final trip, my last adventure. 

No, Detroit doesn’t sound very exciting. It’s a city that is slowly dying a cancerous death and that is appropriate because Detroit and I will reach that destination together. However, Detroit is not important, it’s the long ride over the rails that is the real adventure.

Yes, there is an interesting story behind my trip. I’d be happy to tell it to you. Meet me in the saloon car at 4:00 and I will buy you a whiskey. We’ll smoke a cigar, you can hear the tale and we can pass a few hours in good company.





Woman looking at statue
Woman admiring statue

Some people are very interested in art while others could care less. It must be tough visiting an art museum when one of you is bored right from the start. I am an art lover and can spend hours in any of the many art museums around Ohio. This photo was taken on a recent trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum with my friend Jim Nash and his sons. It’s a good thing that all of us were enjoying everything the museum had to offer. Otherwise, it would have been a very long day, as I suspect it was for the gentleman in this image.

tracks in the snow

Rail yard, Cincinnati Ohio
Rail Yard, Cincinnati, Ohio


This image was taken this past weekend in Cincinnati, at the Museum Center. This was a particularly nice photo outing with stops for a great burger and beer at lunch, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Museum Center to see the trains and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I’ll be surety share more images from the day in the next few posts.

Have a great day!