rust and decay

Rust and urban decay
Rusty Door and Decay


I’ve written about Springfield’s urban decay a few times in the past. To be sure, there is plenty of it. However, the city is tearing the old buildings down as fast as they can. New hospitals, skating rinks, and other buildings are going up in place of the old brick factories. I will miss them when they are gone. To me, the old buildings are a photographer’s dream come true. I suppose that there really is no stopping progress.

Have a nice Friday folks. The weekend starts in just a few hours.


Roost 2


The morning sun had done it's job well. The birds had slowly warmed themselves and were now ready to launch their bodies skyward with powerful thrusts of their wings. It was time to leave the safety of their roost in search of food to power them through yet another day. Tonight, they would return to huddle for warmth against the cold winter night.  But for now, they would rise like smoke and scatter on the wind.