Hopper’s Hotel Room

Hopper Hotel Room 2

Earlier this year, Jim an I visited the museum of art in Indianapolis and enjoyed an impressive exhibition that explored Hopper’s relationship to hotel rooms, both in his personal and professional life.

While walking through gallery upon gallery of hopper paintings, we discovered this hotel room had been set up inside of the museum to look mimic a hopper painting. For a photographer, this was a dream opportunity to capture color, light, and shadow! So…I did.

Hopper Hotel Room 1

I do love a good Hopper painting. His ability to simplify color and light is amazing. However, to see a hopper painting come to life adds new dimensions to the experience.

I hope you enjoyed the images and one of my rare excursions into color.

Have a wonderful day folks.

be quiet

Be Quiet, Mummy Is Taking a Nap


Be quiet, Mummy is sleeping.

Tuesday, Josh and I visited the Michael C. Carlos Museum located on the Emery University campus in Atlanta, GA.  It's a little known jewel of a museum with one of the best antiquities collections (European and the Americas) that I've seen in the U.S. 

The last time we went, was when the kids were about twelve or so. We had lunch at Everybody's Pizza and then crossed the street to the museum. Unfortunately, Everybody's is no more, but the museum is still there, bigger and better than ever.


Going to the Carlos!


The building was designed so that both the exterior and interior leave you with the feeling that you are experiencing an ancient temple.


Carlos Stairs


The Boy on Stairs


The museum was a great way to top off the afternoon after a day at the Aquarium and lunch at Willy's. You know that both Josh and I were packing cameras every step of the way. It's our thing.

Have a great day folks.