fiction friday: waiting for the 3:14

Waiting for the Train


Detroit. I can see the question forming on your face, long before it reaches your lips. I am going to Detroit. I will be on the 3:14 with a one way ticket in first class. I am going in grand style because this will be my final trip, my last adventure. 

No, Detroit doesn’t sound very exciting. It’s a city that is slowly dying a cancerous death and that is appropriate because Detroit and I will reach that destination together. However, Detroit is not important, it’s the long ride over the rails that is the real adventure.

Yes, there is an interesting story behind my trip. I’d be happy to tell it to you. Meet me in the saloon car at 4:00 and I will buy you a whiskey. We’ll smoke a cigar, you can hear the tale and we can pass a few hours in good company.



2 thoughts on “fiction friday: waiting for the 3:14

  1. Beautiful Tim…Nicely told as well. I truly hope this is fiction. Love your images. There is a certain sense of anticipation here….as well as a bit of loneliness.


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