Woman looking at statue
Woman admiring statue

Some people are very interested in art while others could care less. It must be tough visiting an art museum when one of you is bored right from the start. I am an art lover and can spend hours in any of the many art museums around Ohio. This photo was taken on a recent trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum with my friend Jim Nash and his sons. It’s a good thing that all of us were enjoying everything the museum had to offer. Otherwise, it would have been a very long day, as I suspect it was for the gentleman in this image.

One thought on “admiration

  1. I don’t know… he seems intent on reading the information, and is nattily dressed. He just may be enjoying himself… but then, you got to see his full demeanor, in person. I know what you mean about the types that find museums boring…. I’ve been on trips like that and it is frustrating.
    One time, in NY, I was so entranced by certain portraits, that I didn’t notice my whole college class had left…they wanted to see the tourist sites. Each group of friends had assumed I was with the other group… I caught up with them later, but I learned then that even art students get bored with museums. And that is something I’ll never understand!


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