truth be told

Morning Lions


Each year, I spray, mow down, and dig up dandelions in a never ending attempt to eradicate them from our yard. I do this primarily for the sake of our neighbors. I know they don't appreciate when the seeds fly into their yard and take hold in their new home.

In truth, I don't mind them at all. I like the little yellow flowers and seeing the seeds take to the sky, drifting on the wind. Every time I head into the yard to work on them, I feel like I am giving into the Man. Conforming. But, that's just me.

Have a great day.



Car heading down the highway.


Yesterday, I made the trip back from Atlanta. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing week. Plenty of time with my family and son. We told stories and made some new ones that will be used in future tellings. My niece, Katie, graduated from college, my sister-in-law got a new truck, and my son and his fiancĂ©e bought a new home. It was a nice week. I say that in the way my mother would say “that’s a nice old dog”.

We had two really interesting photo outings. I’ll share those with you later this week, once I’ve had the time to sort them all out. Meanwhile, I hope all of you have a great weekend. Thank you for sticking with me during my down time.






You probably don't kow it (how could you, you don't live near me), but the forsythia is looking spectacular this week. I love all of that wonderful yellowness. That's all. Just thought you should know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.



The Out Take

Laughter is a wonderful thing. My home, thanks to a large degree to my beautiful wife (not pictured here), is full of laughter. We don't need much of an excuse to laugh. Laughter and music are two of the most common sounds you will hear when visiting us. The result is a very happy home.

I am not trying to say that our home doesn't have it's times of tears or grumbling. It does. We are normal people living normal lives. However, we are happy and we laugh, and in my mind, the two are deeply connected. One may be the cause of the other. I don't know. I am a man and I don't delve too deeply into "feelings". For me, it's enough to have happiness and laughter sitting side by side in a place of prominence in our home.

Laughter… it's a wonderful thing.

When I was working on this image of my friend Debbie, my wife was looking over my shoulder and she instantly reacted to the photo. The image is an out take from several other images, but because of the laughter, it is my favorite from the day. The image, my wife's reaction, the smiles, & the laughter are all rolled together for me into warm thoughts of my home and how lucky I am.


reading hour

That’s my sister and I using Dad as a jungle gym while he’s trying to read something technical and uninteresting to the two of us. Kelly and ire are rocking those footed Jammie’s while Dad is sporting a classic ensemble of cuffed cords, fancy socks and penny loafers. Mom has always ensured that he dressed well. After all, he is her trophy husband. Isn’t that so Dad?

Who’s idea was the hat?