The Out Take

Laughter is a wonderful thing. My home, thanks to a large degree to my beautiful wife (not pictured here), is full of laughter. We don't need much of an excuse to laugh. Laughter and music are two of the most common sounds you will hear when visiting us. The result is a very happy home.

I am not trying to say that our home doesn't have it's times of tears or grumbling. It does. We are normal people living normal lives. However, we are happy and we laugh, and in my mind, the two are deeply connected. One may be the cause of the other. I don't know. I am a man and I don't delve too deeply into "feelings". For me, it's enough to have happiness and laughter sitting side by side in a place of prominence in our home.

Laughter… it's a wonderful thing.

When I was working on this image of my friend Debbie, my wife was looking over my shoulder and she instantly reacted to the photo. The image is an out take from several other images, but because of the laughter, it is my favorite from the day. The image, my wife's reaction, the smiles, & the laughter are all rolled together for me into warm thoughts of my home and how lucky I am.


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