Rain on the Farm

Carriage Hill-2015--1355

Friday afternoon, I spent some time relaxing at the farm. Carriage Hill is serene and tranquil on most days. A place to wander, explore, and visit with friends. One of the rare exceptions to the quiet on the farm is when the summer thunderstorms roll through, throwing lightning in all directions and booming in loud echoes.

Not long after arriving, I wandered down to check on the horses. That’s when drops began to fall and within moments, the sky opened up and the deluge began in earnest.

Carriage Hill-2015--1359

Soon, the rain was everywhere. Drops bounced off the fences and dripped from the roof lines. The water collected in pools and ran in rivulets through the barnyard.

Carriage Hill-2015--1379

Carriage Hill-2015--1364

Unfortunately for the horses, they were stuck in the downpour. There is an overhang on the back side of the barn and though they found some protection, their rear ends were soaked. Poor Jimmy and Charley had to endure the full force of the storm. because there was no room for them.

Carriage Hill-2015--1375

Thirty minutes passed before the thunder storm moved on and left the farm transformed by the wetness. I like the residue of the storm…wonderful light and dark wet wood and brick.

Carriage Hill-2015--1393

Carriage Hill-2015--1407

And while it’s nice to see the drops on the flowers, the sheep probably don’t appreciate being soaked with heavy wet wool.

Carriage Hill-2015--1411

Carriage Hill-2015--1408

Carriage Hill-2015--1398

That was the excitement on my Friday afternoon. How did I fare? Not badly at all. I found the shelter of the well’s pump shed and rode out the rain.

Have a great week, folks.

truth be told

Morning Lions


Each year, I spray, mow down, and dig up dandelions in a never ending attempt to eradicate them from our yard. I do this primarily for the sake of our neighbors. I know they don't appreciate when the seeds fly into their yard and take hold in their new home.

In truth, I don't mind them at all. I like the little yellow flowers and seeing the seeds take to the sky, drifting on the wind. Every time I head into the yard to work on them, I feel like I am giving into the Man. Conforming. But, that's just me.

Have a great day.


shooting sunflowers at dawn

This morning, my friend Jim and I got up before the roosters and drove to Yellow Springs, Ohio to photograph a field of sunflowers as the sun rose.


Dawn Sunflower 5


We come to this same field every year, looking for a new way to capture the flowers. The field is so large and there are so many flowers, that I have trouble figuring out where to point my camera.


Dawn Sunflower 6


Dawn Sunflower 8


Dawn Sunflower 1



identity unknown

Mystery yellow flower
Mystery flower


This flower is in the vegetable garden at the farm. I have no clue what it is. I am hoping that one of my fine readers can identify the mystery plant for me. Is it an herb a vegetable or just a pretty flower with no purpose other than to look good?

If you can identify this flower, please share it’s name in the comments.

Thank you, and have a great Tuesday.

a star is born

Star Magnolia


After many years of disappointing blooms, our star magnolia finally showed what she could do. Why this year? We cut down a big ugly pine tree that was sucking up all of the sun around the magnolia. With plenty of sun to give it energy, the bush was spectacular. thought you might want to see what was shining in our yard this Spring.


trillium trio

Trillium 1


Down in Clifton Gorge, (where you can have the entire park to yourself if you get there at the crack of dawn), the trillium are at their peak. The trillium and bluebells have become an annual pilgrimage. One that I eagerly look forward to. It's a right of Spring. This year, the blue bells are not very spectacular. However the trillium is just fantastic.


Trillium 2


Trillium 3


Do you have annual or regular events that you look forward to and plan every year to see?

Every year, I look forward to the sunflower fields just south of us. they bloom spectacularly in September. I also look forward to other types of events like the State Horse Plowing championships that have been hosted the last few years at Carriage Hill Farm.

Let us all know what events you are anticipating this year.


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grape hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth


Every year, this patch of grape hyacinth appears in front of our picket fence ( I know, I am a walking, blogging cliche). Every year, I photograph this patch of grape hyacinth. Partly because I love the colors, and partly because they become the perfect laboratory to practice depth of field.


Spring Grapes


Just as easily, my excuse could be because they are just plain beautiful in the early morning light. This year, due to rain and cold, I had only one marning to get out there wheil they were at their peak. I hope you enjoy them. The colors of Spring are good for what ails you.

Have a great day, folks.

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