when I was a chief



That's me on the right, the last time I was in charge. My younger brother is in the middle, still wearing a back cast. My older sister is on the left. Aparently, she had something tasty on her fingers.

I had an assignment on another site that required me to post some images of myself, when I was young. I knew which one I wanted to use, but it took me a little while to find it on a little used back up drive. To be honest, it took me a little while to find the back up drive.

As usual, when I finally gave in and asked my wife if she remembered seeing the drive, she reached out and plucked it out of thin air. I think she has a little magic running throuh her as she does this all of the time. She even teased me about it. "What are you looking for? You know I'll find it right away."

And, she did. She is the boss of me now.


living in a box

It's not easy living in a box. The lifestyle is certainly not for everyone.


Cat in a Box 1


It's a tight space. At times you feel as though you don't have the room to turn around. You had better not have any claustrophobia at all.


Cat in a Box 2


You always get the sense that you are on display and that all the world is looking down on you for your choices.


Cat in a Box 3


Still, on the plus side…there are those naps. Oh, the naps…..


a few words about beds

No Place to Rest 2

When shown an old bed, I've often heard people tell stories bout their grandmother's bed. About how they and all of their siblings would be tucked into the same bed when visiting grandma. Or maybe the memory of jumping up and down on the bed would bring smiles to their faces.

I can't relate to that at all. If we ever jumped up and down on her bed, my grandmother would have beat us into unconsciousness with a broom stick. A family story has my grandmother locking the infant me in the car one night because my crying was keeping her awake.

This in no way is intended to give the impression that I don't have fond memories of my grandmother. Quite the contrary, we often tell wonderful tales about her. It's just that none of them is connected to a bed. She would never have hit us with a broom stick. The business end of a broom is another matter entirely.

No Place to Rest 1

Tomorrow is a travel day. I'm heading back home, to Jodi. And here, we come full circle. I am really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed once again.

My parent's spare bedroom has a fantastic bed that has been around since we were kids. It's an antique with a really high headboard. Family legend says that a ghost named Matilda lives in the headboard. My parents used the story as a way of keeping us from jumping up and down on the bed (their bed at the time) when we were young. Which is better than beating us with a broom stick.

Still, I am really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed with my own pillows. No broom sticks please.

I'll post again on Wednesday. Have a great Tuesday folks.

momo’s mascara

MoMo Cat

I always think MoMo looks like she is wearing mascara. She is, after all, a southern cat and wouldn't dream of leaving the house without her makeup.

Yellow Cat

Yesterday, the temperatures reached 106F here at my parent's home in Georgia. Pictured here is their resident stray cat, know affectionately as "Yellow Cat". Yellow Cat was feeling the heat.


cooper’s great expedition

Cooper's Great Expedition


Our youngest cat, Cooper, has recently decided that he needs a little adventure in his life. Stalking the ground hog (Gary) that lives under our shed is no longer challenging enough. After all, Gary lets him come as close as he wants. What Cooper wanted was something new. Something that would cement his reputation with the other cats. He found it on the roof. Now, he is addicted to the adrenaline rush. He's up there all the time. Or maybe its just the one time and he can't get down?

I'll be right back….


hussy bugs

Hussy Bug


Every year, we are swarmed by these tiny little spotted beetles. The wee creatures get into the house by the hundreds and we are constantly having to vacuum them up. According to our local experts, these are not the beetle popularly known as Lady Bugs.

As a result of these little bugs not being "Ladies" we have affectionately dubbed them Hussy Bugs. Such is our sense of humor.