plane parts

Columbus Zoo 2015-9045


About a week ago Kristina, my sister-in-law, and I went to the zoo in Columbus, OH. While there, we discovered this happy gal sunning in her favorite spot.  You can tell that she doesn't have a care in the world. She reminds me of any of our own house cats. In the afternoon, you can find them in various sunny spots throughout the house.

Betty prefers the back of an over stuffed chair that's strategically located under a skylight. Cooper prefers the bay window in the den. Jackie, the odd man of the group, will sleep wherever he was standing when he decided he was tired. Sabi has staked out a window in one of the bedrooms and Oona likes the window in the laundry room. Riley is not allowed in the house, but likes the bench by the front door.

Me? I'm like a vampire. I like sleeping on the couch or my own bed. Neither one gets any sunshine and I am just fine with that.

Grab yourself some sunshine (or not) and have a great day.


right where you are

Carriage Hill Farm 2015-9036


Sometimes you become so tired that you have to drop right where you are and take a nap. You could be on the floor, in the barn or even on a bench on the back porch. Your eyes start to droop, your muscles relax, and the next thing you know, you are out like a light. Right there. Wherever you are.

Must be nice being a cat.

Take a nap today. You've earned it.

debbie and sarah

Debbie and Sarah at the Window 2


It's unusual for me to capture Debbie and Sarah in the same image. Mostly because Sarah is a barn cat and not normally allowed inside of the house. Let's just say that Sara was really enjoying her very temporary house priveledges. 


Debbie and Sarah at the Window 1


It was a quiet visit. The moment seemed the perfect subject for a photo. Snap, snap… I am accutely aware that I am taking pictures, but I am always shooting around Debbie and she mostly pays me no attention.


On the Big Bed


Sarah was just happy that she could take a bath in the warm house. Sooner thatn she would have liked, it was back out side for Sarah. I took the opportunity to walk over to the barn to see the new calf and lambs. Sarah followed me and quickly became engrossed in her day job…looking for mice. 


Here There Be Mice


It was a fine day for both Sarah and I. A nice way to wrap up 2013 at the farm. As I look at the images, I am reminded that every year, I wonder how I am going to top the previous year's images. How can I possibly create photos that are one notch ahead? How can I continue to grow as a photographer?

2014, you are challenging me already.

cooper’s thing

Cooper has this strange habit of staring into space with a mouthful of water for a few moments before swallowing. It’s so common and so unusual, that it has become his thing. After swallowing, he smacks his lips. Every mouthful seems to contain the tastiest water he has ever drunk. Life is good with simple pleasures like that. Good for you Cooper, enjoy your drink.