Helton Creek Falls


Just north of Walasi-Yi at the bottom of Blood Mountain, flows Helton Creek. Following a gravel road filled with ruts and rivulets leads to Helton Creek Falls. I’ve been to the falls on a handful of occasions, but only in mid summer. During the warm season, the creek is well behaved and though great to visit, the falls themselves are not awe inspiring. However, during my visit in December, the rain was relentless for several days before the sun came out.

With the sun cooperating, Josh and I drove over the blood to see the the water and hike a little on the Appalachian Trail. As you can see, the upper falls were spectacular. The water flew over the top and thundered into the pool at the bottom. Josh pointed out the sun caught in the mist and we both started shooting.


Just as wonderful were the lower falls. While the upper falls are vertical, the lower falls have a shallower slope. However, they were just as amazing as they roared by. We had better access to the lower falls and I could feel the strength of the water as it flowed by.

I’m glad we had the day together.Getting out with our cameras is always something that we both enjoy. Downtown, in the mountains, or in the forest, we always manage to have a great time.

Wet Day on the Farm


Typical of late fall weather here in Ohio, we’ve had plenty of rain. Slow falling, drizzle, the kind that seeps into your bones. The kind that creates lots of mud.


The animals don’t seem to mind at all. And so, I suppose that I shouldn’t be bothered by the weather either. But, I am.  As a photographer, I like the textures and saturated colors that come out in the rain. As a human being, and one in his fifties at that, I have begun to enjoy my creature comforts too much to fully embrace cold wet weather. I am not after all, a pig. Though some might say otherwise.

Rain on the Farm

Carriage Hill-2015--1355

Friday afternoon, I spent some time relaxing at the farm. Carriage Hill is serene and tranquil on most days. A place to wander, explore, and visit with friends. One of the rare exceptions to the quiet on the farm is when the summer thunderstorms roll through, throwing lightning in all directions and booming in loud echoes.

Not long after arriving, I wandered down to check on the horses. That’s when drops began to fall and within moments, the sky opened up and the deluge began in earnest.

Carriage Hill-2015--1359

Soon, the rain was everywhere. Drops bounced off the fences and dripped from the roof lines. The water collected in pools and ran in rivulets through the barnyard.

Carriage Hill-2015--1379

Carriage Hill-2015--1364

Unfortunately for the horses, they were stuck in the downpour. There is an overhang on the back side of the barn and though they found some protection, their rear ends were soaked. Poor Jimmy and Charley had to endure the full force of the storm. because there was no room for them.

Carriage Hill-2015--1375

Thirty minutes passed before the thunder storm moved on and left the farm transformed by the wetness. I like the residue of the storm…wonderful light and dark wet wood and brick.

Carriage Hill-2015--1393

Carriage Hill-2015--1407

And while it’s nice to see the drops on the flowers, the sheep probably don’t appreciate being soaked with heavy wet wool.

Carriage Hill-2015--1411

Carriage Hill-2015--1408

Carriage Hill-2015--1398

That was the excitement on my Friday afternoon. How did I fare? Not badly at all. I found the shelter of the well’s pump shed and rode out the rain.

Have a great week, folks.

laying out in the sun

Columbus Zoo 2015-9095


Today is one of those late spring days that are absolutely gorgeous. Sunny blue skies with big puffy white clouds. Sort of makes me want to go out and soak up the sunshine. I've not laid out in the sun for many years (read decades) and I am not planning for it today. However, there is yard work to do and I can fire up the grill and cook up something good. Both sound like great reasons to be outside.

Have a great day folks. I hope your world is just as sunny where you live.



what a wet week it has been

Wet Leaves


Here in Ohio, it's been a cold wet week. We are in that transitional period of early spring when we are teased by a day or two of warmth and sunshine, just to be brought back to reality by cold and chilly wind borne rain. 

Still, winter's freezes and snow are behind us. The spring flowers and flowering trees are doing their best to lift our spirits with the hope of a warm summer to come.

Today promises to be a sunnier and warmer day. I hope yours is spectacular. 

Have a great week ahead.


winter of my discontent

Steamed Up


Packed in the barn for the winter, these ewes and their lambs live in a sort of dim twilight. Light but not light. Warmer but not warm. I feel as though I have something in common with the sheep. I am tired of the winter. I am tired of being packed inside. I am tired of not being warm, even in my own home. I am tired of the damp. I am tired of the wind. I am tired of the dark. I am tired of the ice and snow.


I am tired.


winter farms

Winter barn




The weather has been horrendous here in Ohio. This is the winter that just won’t quit. We’ve long been into record breaking cold and snow territories. Grey skies are the norm and those of us that suffer from the winter blues have been struggling.

Fotununately, this past Saturday was one of the rare clear days. The blue skies were gorgeous. The sun made the freezing temperatures feel bearable, if just for a single day.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to go for a nice long drive deep into the farm country. Mile after mile of snow covered fields were punctuated with the occasional barn or farm house. With every passing minute, I could feel my own grey mood lifting and by the end of the long drive, I felt recharged. I’m good for a few more weeks of winter.


ice fishing

Ice Fishermen


Here in Springfield. Ohio, we don't normally get enough cold to freeze the lakes over completely or thick enough to support ice fishing. In the 20 years that I have lived here, this is the first time that I have seen ice fishing.

While I have been thinking that I am not stupid enough to sit on the cold ice and fish, I just realized that I was stupid enough to stand there and take pictures. I think it's all a case of perspective.

Have a wonderful day, folks.