shooting sunflowers at dawn

This morning, my friend Jim and I got up before the roosters and drove to Yellow Springs, Ohio to photograph a field of sunflowers as the sun rose.


Dawn Sunflower 5


We come to this same field every year, looking for a new way to capture the flowers. The field is so large and there are so many flowers, that I have trouble figuring out where to point my camera.


Dawn Sunflower 6


Dawn Sunflower 8


Dawn Sunflower 1



2 thoughts on “shooting sunflowers at dawn

  1. I really like the next-to-last picture, from behind the flower with the dew on the very tips of the petals. Most of my own photography is done at a small botanical garden 10 miles from where I live. I’ve been going out there for 4 years, sometimes every day. I look for new ways to look at things. I don’t know if this is true for you, but I find when I stop trying too hard my photos are better. 🙂 Some part of the subconscious mind probably takes over. . . The gardens have taught me so much, and not just about photography. I have become fascinated with light and shadow, and color. You have beautiful photos on your website. I found it through a comment you left on the Tea and Cookies blog a while back.


  2. Terry,
    Thank you for your kind and generous comments. I agree with your take on revisiting a common subject. I levee near a historic farm and have been shooting it twice a month for more that two years. I can still find new views and subject matter every time I go. I find that the familiarity actually enhances my ability to be creative. I would like to see some of your photos. Do you have a Flickr account or a website that I can visit?
    Thank you,


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