trillium trio

Trillium 1


Down in Clifton Gorge, (where you can have the entire park to yourself if you get there at the crack of dawn), the trillium are at their peak. The trillium and bluebells have become an annual pilgrimage. One that I eagerly look forward to. It's a right of Spring. This year, the blue bells are not very spectacular. However the trillium is just fantastic.


Trillium 2


Trillium 3


Do you have annual or regular events that you look forward to and plan every year to see?

Every year, I look forward to the sunflower fields just south of us. they bloom spectacularly in September. I also look forward to other types of events like the State Horse Plowing championships that have been hosted the last few years at Carriage Hill Farm.

Let us all know what events you are anticipating this year.


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2 thoughts on “trillium trio

  1. The bottom image is especially lovely! Great composition and colors.
    Always love to see the trees, esp. dogwoods blooming (our new little tree took this year off, apparently.) Running through the hose/gardening/cookouts with family.
    The York Fair in Sept…always make sure to see the livestock.
    Love catching a quiet evening snowfall.


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