Deep in Hot Water

Carriage Hill-05327

Before butchering hogs, you first need to scald their carcassĀ in water so that you can scrape the bristles off of their hide. At the farm, we use an ancient steam engine to heat the water.
Carriage Hill-05342
Then a team of men get to work scraping the hair from the animal. It’s not pretty or pleasant for modern sensabilities. How easy it is to buy our food from the market and have no real idea of how it got there.



canning asperagus


The first step in canning asparagus is the welcoming smile.




Followed by the reading of the recepie.



Then more smiling.



More recipie reading.



Then some waiting for everything to finish boiling and cooking.



Finally, you stuff the pickled asparagus into the jars. Then back into the boiling water for a bit.

I hope you found this step by step process to be helpful because I am a helpful kind of guy.


cooking lessons



Everybody needs to start someplace. Why not grilled cheese and apples? Life never gets too complicated at Carriage Hill Farm and that is one of the reasons the farm has become one of my happy places.

From a photographic standpoint, I've shot the farm, its workers and its animals in thousands of images. Still, each time that I return, I find something to point my camera at. It seems to me that the more familiar I become with the farm, the more I find to capture.

I'm sure that every one of us has a place to retreat and relax. What are your favorite places to get a way for a few hours?