Deep in Hot Water

Carriage Hill-05327

Before butchering hogs, you first need to scald their carcassĀ in water so that you can scrape the bristles off of their hide. At the farm, we use an ancient steam engine to heat the water.
Carriage Hill-05342
Then a team of men get to work scraping the hair from the animal. It’s not pretty or pleasant for modern sensabilities. How easy it is to buy our food from the market and have no real idea of how it got there.



to deborah’s house we go

To Deborah's House We Go


Monday, I turned down the wonderful snowy drive to visit my friend Debbie's home. Not because we are good freinds (though we are). Not because she is a fantastic conversationalist (she is). It's becasue Debbie bakes the most beautiful and flavorful bread you have ever dreamed of. I was on a mission to pick up a loaf of rye and of rustic white. Oh, how good that round of rustic white has been. We will cut into the loaf of rye tomorrow. Perhaps, I will take a picture of it. Just promise not to drool into your keyboard.


oh my darlin clementine



 Yeah, I'm kind of crazy about clementines, one of the few citrus fruits that I encjoy and look forward to. I like a little lime from time to time,a nd a glass of cold lemonade ona  hot summer day is something to savour. A clementine, however, is wonderful. From peeling to eating, I love them. They are… darling.


cupcake day

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Cupcakes


Tomorrow is National Cupcake Day. In honor of the event, my co-worker Jen made these gorgeous and delishious dark chocolate and peppermint cupcakes. Being a firm believer in the concept of breakfast cookies and brownies, I added cupcakes to my list of approved breakfast foods and dug right in.

It's good to

be an adult by age and a kid at heart. Thank you Jen!