cooking lessons



Everybody needs to start someplace. Why not grilled cheese and apples? Life never gets too complicated at Carriage Hill Farm and that is one of the reasons the farm has become one of my happy places.

From a photographic standpoint, I've shot the farm, its workers and its animals in thousands of images. Still, each time that I return, I find something to point my camera at. It seems to me that the more familiar I become with the farm, the more I find to capture.

I'm sure that every one of us has a place to retreat and relax. What are your favorite places to get a way for a few hours?


3 thoughts on “cooking lessons

  1. One more thing, you asked a question of your readers, and I forgot to answer. My husband and i built a cabin up in the mountains, board by board, It is a place of total quiet, and never fails to restore my soul. I also have taken hundreds of photos of this place. it is my “happy place”. Best to you


  2. Jeanne, my parents also have a mountain cabin that they use as their personal retreat. We all need a place that we can use to get a way from the stress and pressures of the world. I will pass your lovely comments along to Debbie and Haley, the two in these pictures.


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