trillium trio

Trillium 1


Down in Clifton Gorge, (where you can have the entire park to yourself if you get there at the crack of dawn), the trillium are at their peak. The trillium and bluebells have become an annual pilgrimage. One that I eagerly look forward to. It's a right of Spring. This year, the blue bells are not very spectacular. However the trillium is just fantastic.


Trillium 2


Trillium 3


Do you have annual or regular events that you look forward to and plan every year to see?

Every year, I look forward to the sunflower fields just south of us. they bloom spectacularly in September. I also look forward to other types of events like the State Horse Plowing championships that have been hosted the last few years at Carriage Hill Farm.

Let us all know what events you are anticipating this year.


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fungus on a log

Log and Fungi


 Some photos are what they are. there is no trying to make them out to be fancy or deep in meaning. They just are. This photo of  fungus is one example. Of course, I have the same log in color as well.


Moss and Fungi


Nothing like a little fungus on a Friday to ghet you ready for the weekend. have a wonderful Friday all of you fine folks.


grape hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth


Every year, this patch of grape hyacinth appears in front of our picket fence ( I know, I am a walking, blogging cliche). Every year, I photograph this patch of grape hyacinth. Partly because I love the colors, and partly because they become the perfect laboratory to practice depth of field.


Spring Grapes


Just as easily, my excuse could be because they are just plain beautiful in the early morning light. This year, due to rain and cold, I had only one marning to get out there wheil they were at their peak. I hope you enjoy them. The colors of Spring are good for what ails you.

Have a great day, folks.

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hard frost

Frost on the Car


Although the days have warmed up fairly well, the nights are still very cold. I woke up and dressed early Sunday morning so that I could go to the lake and capture the sunrise. I have a new 2 stop graduated ND filter that I am itching to try out. One step outside and I quickly changed my mind. The temperature was hovering around 28 degrees F and I just don't like shooting in that kind of cold. Between the wind and the temperatures, I decided that just sitting in the warm car and watching the sunrise would be the way to go.

I must not be very dedicated to my craft.


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woodland flowers

Woodland Flowers


During last week's check  on the bluebells in the gorge, I did manage to find some flwoers in bloom. I have no idea what they are and if you do, please let me know. I hate to be ignorant about these kinds of things.


Woodland Flowers 2


Today is very chilly, although the sun has come out. Later this afternoon, after the sun has had some time to warm up the day, I will see what my camera and I can get into. you never know what scene awaits me.


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You probably don't kow it (how could you, you don't live near me), but the forsythia is looking spectacular this week. I love all of that wonderful yellowness. That's all. Just thought you should know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


falling for spring

River Fall Reflection


Sunday morning, I took a hike through Clifton gorge to see if the bluebells were in bloom. Turns out that they are a week or two away from being at their peak. You can bet that I will be back to see them and the trillium next weekend to monitor their progress.


Canada Goose on River


It turns out that the time wasn't wasted. As I skirted the river, I noticed that many of the falls that only appear in the Spring were running.


Small Fall and Moss


 So I did what any of you photographers would have done if you wre there. I set up the tripod and went for the silky look of the falling water. My only wish would have been to have had my remote shutter release with me or to have remembered to use the timer instead. Just a little bit of shake in a couple of these that could have been eliminated entirely.

Have a great tuesday folks.


spring is springing up all around us

Surprise Lilies Breaking Ground


I spent a little bit of time walking around the yard this weekend and noticed that the spring bulbs are pushing up out of the ground. Plants like these surpriise lilies are well on their way.


Hyacinth Coming Up


 These hyacinths are up as well. The crokus are above ground and the daffodils and tulips can't be very far behind. I am loving all of those saturated and vivid spring greens. After months of winter grey, the color makes a big impression on me. It's like getting a nice glass of cold water after walking through the desert. Life is good.

Have a great week all of you fine folks.


bicycle for Jodi

Bicycle For Jodi

Spring is just around the corner and I hope that means we will have our bikes out on the bike paths sooner rather than later. Biking is something that Jodi and I have always done together. We typically get on the bike path and ride to the next town south of us, Yellow Springs. Sometimes we will park our bikes and do some window shopping or get lunch at The Winds. Some days, we would just turn around and head back.

Last year was the exception. Last year, we let life get the best of us and rarely had our bikes out at all. With that in mind, I spent that alst week of lunches working on this illustration in hopes of convincing Jodi that this would be a great time to start thinking about doing some biking as soon as the weather allows.

I'll let you know how my request turns out. However, this little bribe of an illustration should go a long ways.



arthur e brown

Arthur E Brown


Monday morning, I took my annual Memorial Day walk through our local cemetery. I can't help but stop and wonder about the men buried in these graves. Arthur E Brown was born in 1880. What war did he fight in? Did he go to Mexico to chase Pancho Villa? Did he ride with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders in Cuba? I'll bet he cold tell some great stories.