falling for spring

River Fall Reflection


Sunday morning, I took a hike through Clifton gorge to see if the bluebells were in bloom. Turns out that they are a week or two away from being at their peak. You can bet that I will be back to see them and the trillium next weekend to monitor their progress.


Canada Goose on River


It turns out that the time wasn't wasted. As I skirted the river, I noticed that many of the falls that only appear in the Spring were running.


Small Fall and Moss


 So I did what any of you photographers would have done if you wre there. I set up the tripod and went for the silky look of the falling water. My only wish would have been to have had my remote shutter release with me or to have remembered to use the timer instead. Just a little bit of shake in a couple of these that could have been eliminated entirely.

Have a great tuesday folks.


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