sorghum syrup

Sorghum Canes


A couple weeks back, we took a look at sorghum growing in the field and I told you that it used to be turned into a sweet syrup back in the old days before cane sugar became so cheap. You can still find it in the south but it is no longer mass produced. I thought you might like a recipe for making your own sorghum syrup. I will assume that you probably have an acre or so of the sorghum cane harvested and ready to go.


Mules on a Hill


The first thing you should do is pick a nice cool morning and get up early. The process is pretty hot so you won't want a warm day. If your mules are already awake in the pasture, you probably over slept. 


Making Sorghum Syrup 3


Making Sorghum Syrup 4


Making Sorghum Syrup 7


Your set up should look something like the pictures shown above. Waggons full of sorghum cane, water wagon and steam engine. You can use your draft horses to pull everything into place. You do have draft horses don't you? A friend to help is a good idea. Pick somebody with a weak mind and a strong back for the best results.


Making Sorghum Syrup 9


Making Sorghum Syrup 8


Next, you will want to fire up your steam engine. You do have a steam engine don't you? You don't? You sure you are really dedicated to becoming a sorghum syrup maker? Maybe you can borrow your neighbors steam engine. You will need it to press the canes and boil the juice. Go ahead and get going, I'll wait.


Making Sorghum Syrup 5


if you reach up and fiddle around with these valves every few minutes, you will make people think you really know what you are doing. They don't really do anything, but part of the process involves looking cool.


Oil Can


Keep an eye on the oil level as well. If you begin to run low, you can add some from your oil can. Be sure to use authentic steam engine oil.


Making Sorghum Syrup 11


When your engine has a good head of steam, give it a test run to check that everything is working to order. If your neighbors are sleeping, give a tug on the rope and blow the steam whistle. They will probably appreciate that you are looking after them. Nobody likes to sleep in.


Making Sorghum Syrup 12


Making Sorghum Syrup 1


If everything is running ok, connect your steam engine's drive wheel to your press using a long leather belt. Give the engine some steam and your are ready to go. Start feeding in your sorghum canes.


Making Sorghum Syrup 10


The press will crush the sorghum canes and free up the juice. You will want to collect the juice in a clean bucket. At this point he juice is a watery sweet liquid with a slight grassy taste.


Making Sorghum Syrup 6


Once you have collected the juice, pour it into your steam boxes and use the steam from your engine to heat the steam boxes.


Making Sorghum Syrup 2


The heat will boil the sorghum juice down to a syrup. Every once in a while, skim off the green stuff. You don't want the green stuff. Green stuff is bad, it looks ugly and tastes like grass.

Once you have the syrup all cooked up, you will have enough for the next year. Enough for you and your neighbors, friends, relatives and people that you don't really like, but you have to be nice to, because you work with them.

Now have your favorite cook person make you a big stack of pancakes and biscuits because you have syrup and nothing to put it on! Go on, get going, we are done here.



my welcome aboard party



Friday marked the end of my third full week at my new company. I've ;earned a lot in those short three weeks. The company is staffed with fantastic dedicated people that are focused on the job of helping others. That kind of attitude is spread throughout the organization and is embedded deeply within their culture. A prime example is the big party they threw for me. The entire office was invited, all 150 of them. 
Sure they called the event the company cookout, but that is just because they knew I would be embarrassed if too much focus was placed on me. See how caring and thoughtful these people are? I feel really lucky to have landed among such gracious folks.




I was part of the grilling team, a dedicated group of people with mad cooking skills. These people wanted me to be comfortable and ensured that I was the tallest person in the group. Isn't that nice? Being just over 5'9", I felt like I was a towering giant.










There were speeches, dancing ladies, ice cream, singing, and prizes. Yes sir, that was quite a party. I sure like working with these folks a lot. What a great welcome aboard… oops.. I mean, what a great company cook out. I can't wait till next year. They are so thoughtful that they will probably through an anniversary party around the same time of year!


processing job



This image pretty well sums up my first two weeks on the new job. I have been absorbing as much as I can and processing what I have learned. I think that I am going to love my new work home. The people are fantastic and they are dedicated to helping others.

Having never had a marketing professional on staff, they have accidently stumbled into some good ideas but have also established some bad habits. The challenge is huge and I am excited about tackling the problems and stearing them into the right direction.

Experience so far? Wonderful!


it’s a sign!

It's a Sign


Many of you may not know that, although I have a passion for photography, my passion also extends into my work as a marketing professional. This week I started a new job with a nationwide non profit organization based in Columbus, OH. I'll be their first marketing manager and I have to tell you that the challenge ahead of me is very exciting.

Starting with a new organization can be daunting. My new work home represents a step in to a new market for me. I have traditionally marketed capital equipment and the new job focuses on people and the services that they need. I have a lot to learn in a short period of time. The good news is that the people in charge have their act together. In one short week, they gave poured a lot of information into my head and embraced me.

A lot happened this past week but I knew that I had found my new home when I walked in and found my name on an office door. The room had a fresh coat of paint. On the desk was a company coffee mug, a box of business cards with my name and title, and a catalog for office supplies. Soon, my new laptop and phone arrived. The impression that I recieved was that they put as much thought into welcoming me as we both put into the interview process. 

I think it's a sign.