it’s a sign!

It's a Sign


Many of you may not know that, although I have a passion for photography, my passion also extends into my work as a marketing professional. This week I started a new job with a nationwide non profit organization based in Columbus, OH. I'll be their first marketing manager and I have to tell you that the challenge ahead of me is very exciting.

Starting with a new organization can be daunting. My new work home represents a step in to a new market for me. I have traditionally marketed capital equipment and the new job focuses on people and the services that they need. I have a lot to learn in a short period of time. The good news is that the people in charge have their act together. In one short week, they gave poured a lot of information into my head and embraced me.

A lot happened this past week but I knew that I had found my new home when I walked in and found my name on an office door. The room had a fresh coat of paint. On the desk was a company coffee mug, a box of business cards with my name and title, and a catalog for office supplies. Soon, my new laptop and phone arrived. The impression that I recieved was that they put as much thought into welcoming me as we both put into the interview process. 

I think it's a sign.


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