my welcome aboard party



Friday marked the end of my third full week at my new company. I've ;earned a lot in those short three weeks. The company is staffed with fantastic dedicated people that are focused on the job of helping others. That kind of attitude is spread throughout the organization and is embedded deeply within their culture. A prime example is the big party they threw for me. The entire office was invited, all 150 of them. 
Sure they called the event the company cookout, but that is just because they knew I would be embarrassed if too much focus was placed on me. See how caring and thoughtful these people are? I feel really lucky to have landed among such gracious folks.




I was part of the grilling team, a dedicated group of people with mad cooking skills. These people wanted me to be comfortable and ensured that I was the tallest person in the group. Isn't that nice? Being just over 5'9", I felt like I was a towering giant.










There were speeches, dancing ladies, ice cream, singing, and prizes. Yes sir, that was quite a party. I sure like working with these folks a lot. What a great welcome aboard… oops.. I mean, what a great company cook out. I can't wait till next year. They are so thoughtful that they will probably through an anniversary party around the same time of year!


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