American Kitsch

American Kitsch

Here in Springfield, Ohio, we have a little piece of crazy American oddness called the Hartman Rock Garden. I can’t explain it, except to say that decades ago, one man decided to teach his grandchildren about american history through concrete and stones. Throw in a little bit of glass and some ceramic figures and you have it. You can learn about the rock garden here:

Is kitsch like this only an American phenomena, or can it be found world wide? If you a have some fascinating kitsch in your back yard, tell us about it in the comments.

Have a great day folks.

rust and decay

Rust and urban decay
Rusty Door and Decay


I’ve written about Springfield’s urban decay a few times in the past. To be sure, there is plenty of it. However, the city is tearing the old buildings down as fast as they can. New hospitals, skating rinks, and other buildings are going up in place of the old brick factories. I will miss them when they are gone. To me, the old buildings are a photographer’s dream come true. I suppose that there really is no stopping progress.

Have a nice Friday folks. The weekend starts in just a few hours.

just duckie

Duck in the Park


It’s been a while since we had the opportunity to enjoy a visit with one of our fowl friends. The ducks in Snyder park are conditioned to see every approaching car as a potential source of food. Indeed, sometimes Jodi and I stop to feed them. The problem is that as soon as they see a car coming down the road, they begin to waddle in the street. Sometimes there are dozens of them standing in e road. Driving becomes a little tricky as you try to ease your way through them without injuring any of the birds.

To tell the truth, it feels a little like they are highwaymen and you are riding in a coach. “Throw out the crackers and nobody gets hurt. Quack!”

wittenberg view

Wittenberg View


This is one of my favorite scenes in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio. I shot the image during a Saturday morning walk along Leffels Creek, near the white water park. The leaves are gone and the white trunks of the sycamore trees really stand out in the overcast light. All in all, a pretty typical December day. Just a little warmer than normal.

Have a great day folks. Get your week off to a good start.