Music on the Farm

There was a lot of music on the farm over the weekend. The fun started on the back porch and ultimately ended with a cake walk in the big barn.

Carriage Hill Farm-7576

Carriage Hill Farm-7620

Carriage Hill Farm-7613

Carriage Hill Farm-7592

Unfortunately, the rain was steady all day long and the crowd was small. Still, we managed to have a great time. I actually like when the music is officially over, but the musicians hang out and continue playing on their own. Playing for each other and themselves.

Empty House

Remember my buddy Jim? Last weekend, the two of us went to the Celtic festival in Dayton and watched some bands and strolled around looking at everything for sale in the booths. On the main stage was a fantastic band named Gaelic Storm. They had thousands of fans watching them. The fans knew all of the songs and sang along with the band. They were packed in like sardines, and acted like they were not in sweltering heat. Everyone was having a great time.

After that experience, we walked to one of the small stages and came across this unknown band. To my ears, they sounded just as good and they were just as professional. The big difference? They didn’t have a soul watching them perform. The big headline act had sucked up everyone into one massive seething ball of sweaty madness.

I kind of felt sorry for these guys. They even introduced the members of the band to an empty house. If the organizers of the festival know that Gaelic Storm always sucks up everyone around, why book bands on two other stages at the same time?


I downloaded the new Nickel Creek album, Dotted Line, last weekend and instantly became enamoured with this song:



Little did I know that Hayloft is a cover of the Canadian band, Mother Mother. I like both versions and now, I am going to go download some more Mother Mother. Funny  how you discover new bands and new music.



agnes obel

My current music crush is Agnes Obel, a Dutch artist whos music is incredible. She gives the orchestrations time to live and breathe. Here are two of my favorites:




The wonderful viloinist playing on The Curse is Mika Posen from the Canadian band, Timbre Timbre. The cellist is Anne Müller.


natalie merchant on TED


I am a fan of Natalie Merchant's voice and her habit of bringing deserving, but obscure works, to life. Imagine how happy I was to find her singing songs from her 2010 effort, "Leave Your Sleep" on TED. The CD is a collection of songs created from forgotten poems. As always, her voice is wonderful.

If you don't know about TED, you are really missing out. Visit and you will be amazed by the incredible ciollections of speaches, talks, and performances.

On a side note, I once saw Natalie open for Sting in Atlanta, Georgia. While I do remember the concert very well, I also remember that the concert market the first time that I ever talked on a borrowed cell phone. Who did I call? Jodi of course. I had to tell her how incredible the concert was.

Do you remember the first time you spoke on a cell phone? For many of you, you might have grown up with them. For old folks like us, their introduction was like magic.


stalking ivory


Another from this weekend’s outing. I always wished that I had a musical talent that went beyond singing in the shower. Alas, I can barely hold a tune… A trait that lies deeply in my family DNA. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to pick up or sit down with an instrument and make music?

Music is an important part of my life. I like to think that I walk around with a soundtrack in my head. Often, a particular song can mark a time in my life. When I hear it, I am instantly transported to my memories.

What kind of musical talents do you have? How do you use them?