natalie merchant on TED


I am a fan of Natalie Merchant's voice and her habit of bringing deserving, but obscure works, to life. Imagine how happy I was to find her singing songs from her 2010 effort, "Leave Your Sleep" on TED. The CD is a collection of songs created from forgotten poems. As always, her voice is wonderful.

If you don't know about TED, you are really missing out. Visit and you will be amazed by the incredible ciollections of speaches, talks, and performances.

On a side note, I once saw Natalie open for Sting in Atlanta, Georgia. While I do remember the concert very well, I also remember that the concert market the first time that I ever talked on a borrowed cell phone. Who did I call? Jodi of course. I had to tell her how incredible the concert was.

Do you remember the first time you spoke on a cell phone? For many of you, you might have grown up with them. For old folks like us, their introduction was like magic.


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