my week in music

To me, perhaps even more than my camera, music is an important part of my life. In our home, in the car, and even in my office, I have music plaing all the time. Here are a few songs that have been buzzing in my ears this week:


Source: via Tim on Pinterest


Source: via Tim on Pinterest


Source: via Tim on Pinterest


I have always been and will always be a folkie. This week, the new wave of talented folk artists have had my attention. One band from the UK, one from Iceland, and one from the Goold Ole U. S. of A..

It has been a good week, indeed.


the civil wars at bonnaroo

Source: via Tim on Pinterest


A young woman named Kennedy introduced my to this incredible duo about two years ago. Last year, Sweet Mama and I went to see them and had a wonderful night.

Is it my imagination or is Joy williams pregnant? She's still moving pretty amazingly. Actually, sometimes her hand gestures seem a little too much for me and I often find her easier to watch with my eyes closed. that's not to take away from her beauty, I just don't want to be distracted from her wonderful sound.


Source: via Tim on Pinterest


Here is a bonus for you, another one of my favorites from their first album. See how generous I am to you?


Mandolin 2


I arrived at the farm this morning to find my friend Debbie practicing her mandolin by the light of the window. What's a photographer to do?


Mandolin 1


Debbie and her friend Rob have a concert tomorrow night and she was fine tuning her performance. In case you are wondering, she is playing a nineteenth century mandolin. The instrument is gorgeous and in Debbie's hands, it sounds wonderful.

I had the 70-210mm f2.8 mounted on the camera body & had to back up against the wall to get these shots in. Still, I ended up cropping a little closer to make them feel more intimate. I hope you like them.