up way too early

Up Way Too Early


Sometimes, when insomnia strikes and I wake up far too early, I take my camera and walk the streets near my home. For the most part, I have the town to myself. I like that. I enjoy the peace that can only be found in the middle of the night. I can imagine that the entire world is sleeping except me. Eventually, the world begins to waken, slowly, one home and one business at a time. The waking lights are my cue to head home, find something to eat and get ready to face the rest of the day.


processing job



This image pretty well sums up my first two weeks on the new job. I have been absorbing as much as I can and processing what I have learned. I think that I am going to love my new work home. The people are fantastic and they are dedicated to helping others.

Having never had a marketing professional on staff, they have accidently stumbled into some good ideas but have also established some bad habits. The challenge is huge and I am excited about tackling the problems and stearing them into the right direction.

Experience so far? Wonderful!


it’s a sign!

It's a Sign


Many of you may not know that, although I have a passion for photography, my passion also extends into my work as a marketing professional. This week I started a new job with a nationwide non profit organization based in Columbus, OH. I'll be their first marketing manager and I have to tell you that the challenge ahead of me is very exciting.

Starting with a new organization can be daunting. My new work home represents a step in to a new market for me. I have traditionally marketed capital equipment and the new job focuses on people and the services that they need. I have a lot to learn in a short period of time. The good news is that the people in charge have their act together. In one short week, they gave poured a lot of information into my head and embraced me.

A lot happened this past week but I knew that I had found my new home when I walked in and found my name on an office door. The room had a fresh coat of paint. On the desk was a company coffee mug, a box of business cards with my name and title, and a catalog for office supplies. Soon, my new laptop and phone arrived. The impression that I recieved was that they put as much thought into welcoming me as we both put into the interview process. 

I think it's a sign.


missing out on life



I am addicted to technology. I have to own the latest gizmo. I can spend a day on my computer and wonder where the time went. I know where this kid is coming from. Here he is at the barn dance. The kid is surrounded by live music, cheering, laughter, and dancing. What does he do? Why, the boy fires up the laptop and disappears into his own world. What else would you expect?

I do understand this kid. The difference is that when life starts taking place around me, I know when to turn things off and start participating. And, if I forget… I have a wife that doesn't! 



my morning walk

Sunrise 07152011


I have a friend named Deb that takes regular morning walks with her dog, Ash. Sometimes she shares a bird sighting, a favorite bloom or some kind of wildlife story. While I was walking by the lake and meadow this morning, I thought that this was a Deb kind of morning. The sunrise was spectacular and I hope this panoramic image gives you some sense of the color in the clouds as the sun rose.


Mystery Bird


This gorgeous mystery bird greeted me with it's call. I love the vivid yellow and red on the tips of its tail and wings. If you know what kind of bird this is, let me know. (I have been informed by some very kind and reliable sources that our mystery bird is a Cedar Waxwing).


Domestic Bliss?


I noticed this bird house overstuffed with large feathers. Did some kind of over achieving bird try to stuff her nest with big feathers? Was this some sign of domestic dispute? Surely these feathers must be large for the bird that fits inside such a small house? Usually I see small swallows living in these homes.

My last bit of interest was being scared silly by a huge deer as it leaped out of the trees and crossed my path, white tail flashing. I was so surprised, that I didn't have any sense to bring my camera up and take a photo. Next time I will try to be a little more prepared.

And that my friends, was my morning walk.

I suffer so

Cooper Resting


We have four cats and some days they make it impossible to get anything done. In this case, Cooper has decided that my keyboard makes a great mattress and the pile of note paper makes a wonderful pillow.

I think I will switch to my laptop for a while. I mean, what kind of person would disturb a sleeping cat?

Exposure 0.025 sec (1/40)
Aperture f/5.0
Focal Length 35 mm
ISO Speed 1600
Exposure Bias -0.7 EV





In this image, you see my cat Betty and my M2, Roberta, hanging out together. I believe there is a law of nature that says if you enter Roberta's room, there shall be one or more cats. The term symbiosis comes to mind. However, it is more of a mutualistic relationship because everybody benefits. Roberta gets the company and the cat's get a nice crocheted pad on any flat surface that they care to lay on. Not to mention the treats that she keeps in a drawer.


Sleepy Cat


All of the cats are in on it. Here we can see Jacky taking a one eyed nap on the bed. Our cat's have it very rough, as you can see. I don't know how they can continue to live in such misery. I really feel for them. I even offered to trade places with one of them but, Roberta wouldn't let me jump up on her desk.


memorial day

Memorial Day 3


Here in the U.S. we are in the midst of a long three day holiday weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday. This is a holiday dedicated to remembering our veterans that fought and died for our freedoms, beliefs and security. We celebrate with mixed emotions. Thinking of the death of those we have loved is tempered by the unofficial start of the summer season. On one hand we think about loss and sacrifice while on the other hand we make the most of the long weekend by opening our pools and firing up our grills. It's that duality of the holiday that can often be confusing for me.


Memorial Day 3


I make a point of visiting our local cemetery over the holiday weekend. Springfield has a beautiful national cemetery that seconds as an arboretum. On this weekend more than any other, people visit the cemetery. Families lay flowers and the occasional cherished object on the graves of those that are dear to them. As in many American towns, local veterans groups place flags on the graves of every veteran. The flags are a stark reminder of how much sacrifice has been made on our behalf.


Memorial Day 2


More than the memorials, the statues, or even the grave stones, the flags get to me. They are a dynamic symbol, full of life and movement in stark contrast to the markers and stones containing the names of the dead.

They can not be easily dismissed from memory as we devour our holiday picnics and play at our summer games. We remember them.



how my brain works

Farm Visitors


While at the farm on Friday, I noticed a Mennonite family visiting the farm. Being a typical outsider, I was amazed at how normal they were. The boys ran to the animals as fast as they could and climbed the fences. The family followed the same route around the farm as any other family. I thought, wow, inspite of our differences, we are all pretty much the same.

Then my evil side took over and I wondered what they saw in the farm. Wasn't it just like home? Farm animals and no electricity? I totally turned this family into a stereotype, even after thinking we were so similar. And then I realized there really were differences between us. They were polite and kind and I wasn't.

Somedays, I think my parents did not beat me enough as a kid.