memorial day

Memorial Day 3


Here in the U.S. we are in the midst of a long three day holiday weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday. This is a holiday dedicated to remembering our veterans that fought and died for our freedoms, beliefs and security. We celebrate with mixed emotions. Thinking of the death of those we have loved is tempered by the unofficial start of the summer season. On one hand we think about loss and sacrifice while on the other hand we make the most of the long weekend by opening our pools and firing up our grills. It's that duality of the holiday that can often be confusing for me.


Memorial Day 3


I make a point of visiting our local cemetery over the holiday weekend. Springfield has a beautiful national cemetery that seconds as an arboretum. On this weekend more than any other, people visit the cemetery. Families lay flowers and the occasional cherished object on the graves of those that are dear to them. As in many American towns, local veterans groups place flags on the graves of every veteran. The flags are a stark reminder of how much sacrifice has been made on our behalf.


Memorial Day 2


More than the memorials, the statues, or even the grave stones, the flags get to me. They are a dynamic symbol, full of life and movement in stark contrast to the markers and stones containing the names of the dead.

They can not be easily dismissed from memory as we devour our holiday picnics and play at our summer games. We remember them.



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