private reverie

New Boston 11


I am a big fan of people. I really like them in all of their infinite variations. I like watching them and I love listening to their stories. If they have a talent that I envy, then I am even more impressed. What I don't like are crowds. I don't like the feeling of being pressed in by people.

When I saw this woman playing the fiddle at the Faire at New Boston, I noticed that she always closed her eyes while she was playing. Was that to escape the press of on lookers? Did she need to run from the crowds? 

My first thought was that she was like me and by closing her eyes, she could pretend that the crowds were not there. However, the more I watched and listened, the more that I realized that she was caught up in her music. 

More than just listening, she was experiencing the music in a very personal way that could not be shared with the rest of us. I imagine that she could feel the notes as they vibrated loose from the instrument and rose into the air. Hers was a private reverie. A oneness with the music, not an escape.

When I am editing a photo on my computer, I sometimes have a similar experience. I can become enmeshed in the image. If I am working on a landscape, I let my mind wander within the scenery. If the image is a portrait, I can sometimes lose myself in the person's eyes. To go even further, I can relish the brilliant colors in a photo, letting my eyes absorb them and process them. Tones, contrast, and saturation become like the individual notes in the fiddler's tune. Like the woman lost in her music, I can become lost in the beauty of an image.



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