the finest in baked goods

The Finest in Baked Goods


This is not the post that I intended to write today. I was originally going take a look at the Dayton Art Institute in a more serious way thatn I did yesterday. However, I woke early today and took a photo walk around town. As a result, I took this image and wanted to share it with you.

Schuler's bakery is a local institution and they make some fantstic goodies. Just like the sign says, they are the finest in baked goods, at least here in Springfield, Ohio. We are particularly impresed with their doughnuts and I love their butterfly cookies. They are really the best around.

The same thing can not be said for their commitment to customer service. This location in particular is staffed with women that would make a drill seargeant proud. You had better know exactly what you want when you walk up to the counter as they do not have time to deal with your ineficiency. When ordering doughnuts, they will ask you two questions and you had better have the answers ready. How many and what kind. Falter at all and they will pounce on you. Don't ever make the mistake of telling them that you just want a dozen assorted doughnuts. You will be quickly informed of their inability to read your mind and figure out what you might and might not like in your assortment.

To be frank, these women scare me just a little bit. I am intimidated when presented with their demands and I have not had time to make up my mind what deliciousness I want to eat today. S , I usually just stammer something out and hope for the best. Still, I go back and get more.

What can I say? Schuler's really is the finest in baked goods.


2 thoughts on “the finest in baked goods

  1. Those women can make you shake in your shoes but you are right, a doughnut from Schuler’s is worth the preparation. My mouth is watering right now.


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