a little culture couldn’t hurt. could it?

Rooms within Rooms


The heat wave continued today and I have been wracking my brain for another indoor opportunity to get out of the house. It suddenly dawned on me, that I have not been to the Dayton Art Institute in some time. I am a firm believer that a little culture is good for all of us.

I dearly love a good art museum & this one is very good. If you have never been to a museum with me you can't possibly know what an experience you are missing. I am normally fairly quiet but in a museum, I turn into a walking commentator. I comment on everything. I thought that in today's post, I would give you a little taste of what it would be like to spend some time with me in an art museum.

Just like I started today, you and I will begin with the European wing of the Art Institute.


The Big Cheese


"Hey this is cool. I like the way they put these walls in the middle of a room."

"Am I supposed to sit on the bench when I look at the painting? Is that what the artist wanted? A bench?"


I Like This One


"Hey, they changed the wall color."

"She's pretty."   (Incidently, this is my favorite painting in the museum.




"Damn, what planet did she come from?"


No Means No!


"Dude! No means NOOOO!"

"I'll bet that hurt."


Ummm Yeah


"Seriously, who paid for a portrait of her?"

"Love must be blind after all."

"I think that thing under her eye is moving"


Happy Happy Joy Joy


"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!"

"She is thin but I'll bet she weighs a ton"

"I saw that move in Mortal Combat."


Indian Head


"Dude, it's an Indian."

"It would take me about ten minutes to make that in Photoshop."


Gray Gallery


"Ha! Somebody painted the Gray Gallery yellow!"




"Dude… GO, it's your turn!"

"Man, I crack myself up."




You know that I pulled on every one of these doors. My face is imprinted on all of the door glass, all over the museum as a result.


The Big Picture


"Finally! I can see the big picture."


Lost and Found


"I'll bet it hurts combing the tangles out of their hair."


Purple Haze


"Really, that's art?"

"I have a whole wall painted that same color and I would be willing to sell it to you cheap."




"I am totally going to bring that one home, it will look great over the headboard."

"Hey, guard lady, can I get a poster of that painting in the gift shop?" 

"No? Seriously? Man that is too bad"


Floor Reflections


"They must have an incredible janitor here. Look at those floors!"


Ladies and Gentlemen, that completes our tour for today. Now you can see why I don't go very often. I don't want them to recognize me. I might get banned. 

So, a little culture didn't hurt me. It's just that I might done some damage to culture.



5 thoughts on “a little culture couldn’t hurt. could it?

  1. Thank you for my evening bit of “culchah” (you’ve been away from New England too long if you spell it any other way.) Although I was humored (a great deal in fact)I have to say your camera is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for the experince!


  2. Loved the post Tim
    “Dude, it’s an Indian.”
    “It would take me about ten minutes to make that in Photoshop.”
    Man i laughed so much at that one
    A pop art Indian and the guy looks mesmerised


  3. Deb,
    Thank you for being such a good and loyal reader as well as a supportive friend. I am sorry that I mis-pelled Culchah. I lament the loss of my Boston accent over the many years since we moved away. I really enjoy reading the phonetic Bostonian accent that you and Betty Ann write in many of your posts. Keep it up and I might switch back.


  4. John,
    I had a nice long afternoon at the museum. Today I took a humorous approach to my visit but, I had ulterior motives for going and I will write about them tomorrow.
    I watched the young man looking at the Indian and reading the placard for almost fifteen minutes before I became bored and moved on. I couldn’t figure out what he was seeing or what he was trying to get his mind around…. it was just a Pop art indian.
    I fear that I have done you a disservice. Until tonight, I had not realized that you had a website of your own. I briefly looked at it tonight and will spend some time over the next few days getting to know it. I am looking forward to reading what you have to say about your images and how you have made them.
    I follow quite a few photographers but, only a few have really shaped the way I approach my own work and you are seated comfortably within that small group.


  5. Thanks for sharing your trip through the museum Tim and mostly for sharing your great commentary (even if silent). Dude is one of my favorite words and when you said, “Dude, it’s an Indian”, I almost fell out of my chair!!
    You are truly gifted my friend!


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