tattoos and body piercing

Tattoos and Body Piercing


I don't have any body art. I am pretty much just a plain old vanilla kind of guy when it comes to permanently changing my body. However, I am fascinated by them. The "I'll have a number 37 on my arm" kind of tatoos do nothing for me. It's the one of a kind artwork that makes me look. Until the last fifteen years or so, you had to really want to thumb your nose at society to get a piercing or a tattoo. I think mainstream body art must have started with all the girls getting belly button rings in the mid to late 90s. For them, the piercing was more of a fashion accessory, not a statement.

It's the statements that I admire, not the fashion. If I were to get a tattoo (forget piercing!) I would have to give it a lot of thought. What statement would I permanently like to place on my body? Where would I place it? Is this a shout out for the world to see or something more private that I would keep to myself? I could go old school and get a tattoo that a sailor on an eighteenth centuring sailing ship would be proud of, or I could go all modern and colorful. Though I love her dearly, I don't think I would get an homage to my mother.

I think we need to take a poll. Which of my readers has some form of body art? If it is not too personal, what is it and where is it? Would you do it again? Did it change the way you think of yourself?
Exposure 0.033 sec (1/30)
Aperture f/3.5
Focal Length 18 mm
ISO Speed 200


This image was shot on an early morning photo walk/drive over the weekend. When I saw the sign, the advertisements in the windows, the chair in the doorway and the gerneral appearance of the building, I knew that I would want to convert the scene into black and white. I was feeling that grittiness that color can't do justice to. The image had to be B&W, as apposed to yesterday's neon sign that was all about the color.


2 thoughts on “tattoos and body piercing

  1. I don’t have anything else than my ears pierced, but I’d want to get a tattoo. I agree with you about it having to be more of a statement than just a fashionable accessory. I have my possible future tattoo all planned out already; it’s gonna be a “tribute” to my family.
    A dream catcher with four feathers with silhouettes of wolves in each of them. The wolves represent each member of my immediate family and I chose wolves because they are so family centered (and beautiful for sure) animals. The dream catcher I chose because I like them. I have like 4 catchers in my apartment and I think they are beautiful. It also represents my fascination towards native american cultures. 🙂


  2. I have two tattoos. The one on my right shoulder was a present to myself when I got divorced in 1993. It is a wolf howling at an orange moon with purple clouds running through it. He is sitting above a skull on the desert floor. I love wolves and I thought this tattoo spoke volumes. I have often thought of adding on to it; just never have yet.
    The other is on my right shoulder. It is simply a reddish black shield with a gold cross centered between two crossed blades. I drew it up on a whim and decided that it needed to be on my arm.
    I will probably eventually get another and likely add to the wolf tattoo.
    No piercings, no way, not ever!!


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