You remember that old bird that owned that haberdashery over on east 43rd? His name was Murray. I ran into his son, Joey, down at The Strand. Said his dad finally retired, sold the place, and moved to Florida. Man, that's the way I want to go…flush in Florida.


just duckie

Duck in the Park


It’s been a while since we had the opportunity to enjoy a visit with one of our fowl friends. The ducks in Snyder park are conditioned to see every approaching car as a potential source of food. Indeed, sometimes Jodi and I stop to feed them. The problem is that as soon as they see a car coming down the road, they begin to waddle in the street. Sometimes there are dozens of them standing in e road. Driving becomes a little tricky as you try to ease your way through them without injuring any of the birds.

To tell the truth, it feels a little like they are highwaymen and you are riding in a coach. “Throw out the crackers and nobody gets hurt. Quack!”