mt. tabor



View from Mt. Tabor on a chilly and wet morning. Part of an assignment to create a composed image of a minimalist landscape. I suppose this is pretty minimal, don't you? What about the composed part? Well, I removed all of the actual farm buildings, homes, and light poles in Photoshop.


a tough one

Jane and Belle Working Hard


When you place a white horse in the sun and a black horse in the shade, you are asking for trouble. The camera's dynamic range can't handle the whites and blacks at the same time. Something has got to give and in my case, it was the whites. Poor Jane has her white coat blown out in the strong sun light.


Jane and Belle Resting


In the second image, I correctly exposed for Jane's white coat while letting not worrying about how Belle's blacks would look. I could get away with it because … well, you can't see Belle in the picture. Just her ears. Poor Belle, she got all dressed up for nothing.


hiding in plain sight



I was shooting early morning on Huffman pond. The reflections of the golden leaves were simply gorgeous & I shot several frames.


Deer Reflection 1


And then I suddenly realized that hidden in plain sight at the edge of the spectacular color was a trio of deer. It was at this moment that I really regretted the fact that I don't have a long lens.


the blue hole

The Blue Hole


This location was the subject of a painting titled "Blue Hole, Little Miami River". Created by Robert Duncanson in 1851, the painting can be seen at the Cincinnati Art Museum. If you don't live in the neighborhood, you can see an image of the painting by following this link:

Painting Image

What do you know? You just experienced a little culture. Didn't hurt as much as you thought it might, did it? I know, I am often shocked my self.

Have a great day folks.