sunflower abstract

Yesterday, we took a look at the problem of approaching a subject that is overwhelming, like an entire field of sunflowers. We broke down the field into individual flowers. Today, we will break the flowers down even further.

In subjects like flowers, we will often find patterns that become abstract when they are isolated. In this image, I avoided the flowers petals so that we could focus on the pattern found in the center of the flower’s bloom. Experiment and see what kinds of patterns and abstract designs you can find.

Have a great day.

sunflower petals

Just south of us is the village of Yellow Springs, one of our favorite places to eat, hike, and people watch. This time of the year, we can add the activity of viewing the sun flowers. Every year the Tecumseh Land Trust plants an entire field with gorgeous yellow sunflowers. Photographers and sight seekers come from miles around to see the yellow scene. As a photographer, I get dozens of calls and text messages from friends, updating me with the status of the blooms.

You would think that photographing the flowers would be simple. However, in actuality, they can be overwhelming and the lack of a specific standout subject can make for composition nightmares.

My solution is to attempt to see the trees for the forest. This means looking for the details.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at another way to tackle the problem of the overwhelming numbers of sunflowers.

Have a great Monday.


tree lines

Tree Lines


Mid December and the late fall cold has arrived. The wind has stripped the branches of the last of thier colorful leaves. Leaving nothing but bare, dark lines in the sky. This is not outside weather. Instead, we light a fire in the house and stay warm. The season of long naps, on the couch, under soft comforters, has arrived. The season of grey skies and creeping cold. Snow and ice can not be far away.



scuse me while i crack the sky…

Scuse Me, While I Crack the Sky.


I just liked the shape of this tree and the way it looked like it had huge arms and was waving them around. The tree appears as though it could come from a horror movie.

This image also makes me remember that as a child, my mother taught me that the trees made the wind blow by waving their branches around. Sure enough, every time the wind was blowing, I could see the trees waving their limbs like mad. Who is to say that she wasn't right?


hiding in plain sight



I was shooting early morning on Huffman pond. The reflections of the golden leaves were simply gorgeous & I shot several frames.


Deer Reflection 1


And then I suddenly realized that hidden in plain sight at the edge of the spectacular color was a trio of deer. It was at this moment that I really regretted the fact that I don't have a long lens.


silver giant



What is the largest tree in North America, west of the Rockies? Why it is my favorite tree, the sycamore. I love the way the bark peels off of the tree as it grows taller. What is left behind is a silver and white, brilliantly smooth trunk. You can see a large sycamore from quite a distance. When you are underneath one, you learn that their leaves are sometimes a foot wide.

Yes, my favorite tree of all time. There is this one very special oak tree in Germany, but that is another story for another time.