sunflower petals

Just south of us is the village of Yellow Springs, one of our favorite places to eat, hike, and people watch. This time of the year, we can add the activity of viewing the sun flowers. Every year the Tecumseh Land Trust plants an entire field with gorgeous yellow sunflowers. Photographers and sight seekers come from miles around to see the yellow scene. As a photographer, I get dozens of calls and text messages from friends, updating me with the status of the blooms.

You would think that photographing the flowers would be simple. However, in actuality, they can be overwhelming and the lack of a specific standout subject can make for composition nightmares.

My solution is to attempt to see the trees for the forest. This means looking for the details.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at another way to tackle the problem of the overwhelming numbers of sunflowers.

Have a great Monday.


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