lunch on the farm

Preparations in Progress


When I arrived at the farm on Saturday, Debbie was just finishing preparations for lunch. I caught her in the kitchen window, peeling and slicing onions.


Potatoes and Onions


The hands needed a hearty lunch and Debbie was cooking up a great big skillet of fried potatoes and onions.


Making Lunch


The wood stove was plenty hot and the skillet saw constant motion to keep everything from burning.


Scrambled eggs


When the potatoes and onions were just about finished, Debbie scrambled up some eggs and added them to the skillet. In the oven they went until the hands arrived for lunch.


Brandied Cherries


The meal also included pickled beets, pickled green beans, corn relish, and for desert, brandied cherries. When the men went back to work, there wasn't a whole lot left to put away. The table looked like locusts had had there way with the meal.


One thought on “lunch on the farm

  1. Fried potatoes and onions – such good memories of Granny this morning. She made the very best. Not to mention that they were cooked in a cast iron skillet. Perfect!
    Wouldn’t mind trying the brandied cherries.
    Besides that, I liked the pictorial.


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