wha? ummm… huh? thank you!

This is a post without pictures. I know, we al like pictures and I like showing you pictures. however, pictures are not what this post is all about. You had the pizza monster earlier and that will have to suffice, so calm down.

This post is about some incredible, but puzzling, web traffic that I experienced yesterday. I don't check the traffic on my site very often. Usually about once a month I like to see the google analytics, just to see where my visitors come from. I average about 30 people a day and for the most part, they are people that I know personally or from a small group of  on line photography buddies.

Yesterday, I just happened to log in and see a weird number… over 400 visitors. I kept looking at the little graph and couldn't get my head around the fact that so many people had visited my site. Before the end of the day, the number had risen to over 600 visitors. Who are these people? Where did they come from?

Lately, my site has seen a little more traffic because of some links posted on Light Stalking, an on line photography community. I can see the source of the traffic and Light Stalking was not the source of these visits. Most of these were from a site called t.co. Never heard of it. Turns out that, after a little investigative work, t.co is twitter. Somebody tweeted a link to one of my posts, causing the incredible avalanche of visitors. I don't know who the little tweeter bird was, but I would like to thank you for valuing my post enough to tell others about it and for sending all of that great traffic my way. Who ever you are, you are incredibly generous.


Thank you,


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