Things on my night stand

My Night Stand


These are the items that I keep on my night stand:

            A stained glass lamp that I love

            An empty granite wear pitcher that occasionally sees some dried flowers

            A photo of my father as a teenager, posing with his father

            A blue glass turtle

            A leather bound note book that I use for jotting down things that I want to remember

            Not shown in this image, there may or may not be some dust

            Also not shown in this image, what ever book I am currently reading


That is everything that currently resides on my night stand. What do you keep on your night stand?




2 thoughts on “Things on my night stand

  1. A lamp, box of tissues, current copy of O and the book I am currently reading, earings of the day, a little metal of the blessed Mother (was my Mom’s) oh and of course my 1.00 pair of cheater glasses


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