wild berries

Wild Berries


I was on a walk around Buck Creek this morning, hoping to get a shot of the morning sun cast over a farm that I have been keeping my eye on. I took several images of the farm & liked none of them. I just didn't have the color that I wanted for a really impressive image. I will just have to get over there a little earlier tomorrow.

The good news is that the trip was not a total waste. I noticed along the way, that the wild berries on the side of the path are beginning to ripen. This can only mean that we are one step closer to Autumn and cooler weather. I like many things about the summer. Fresh produce like locally grown corn, tomatoes, berries and other fruits and vegatables. The ability to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. However, the brutal heat of this summer has really eliminated most of the outdoor time that I would normally enjoy. The experience has underscored my preference for the cooler temperatures and colors of the Fall. When I saw these berries, I smiled. Autumn is around the corner and can not get here soon enough for me.


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