bat for lashes

Bat for Lashes


OK then, we have established that the flamingos are number one on my list of favorite critters at the zoo. Number two are the huge bats. Flying foxes. They are almost canine until you remember the enormous wings that envelope their bodies as they hang down from the ceiling. Each like a giant webbed hand.

I do like the bats.


flamingo Shadow

Flamingo 2


As you can see, I have been to the zoo again. I don't keep flamingos in the back yard. Really, I don't think they would like the cold or the snow. Every time I visit the zoo, I spend time with the flamingos. They have that vibrant and saturated shades of coral color that I don't see in my every day experience.


Flamingo 1


So, I have a whole flock of flamingos standing in the bright sun. What can I do with that scene? Maybe the challenge is one of the reasons that I like the flamingos so much.


Flamingo 3


The first thing I always do is break the big picture into it's smaller parts. I like to find the details and the individuals within the flock and focus on them. I usually leave the big picture up to others and go small.

I think this approach worked out pretty well. How about you? How would you tackle a large flock of flamingos at the zoo?


bat wing

Bat Wing

As you know, I visited the zoo over the weekend. One of my favorite exhibits was one featuring these enormous bats. They were hanging from the ceiling, wrapped in their wings. Its the semi-transparent wings that really stand out for me.