flamingo Shadow

Flamingo 2


As you can see, I have been to the zoo again. I don't keep flamingos in the back yard. Really, I don't think they would like the cold or the snow. Every time I visit the zoo, I spend time with the flamingos. They have that vibrant and saturated shades of coral color that I don't see in my every day experience.


Flamingo 1


So, I have a whole flock of flamingos standing in the bright sun. What can I do with that scene? Maybe the challenge is one of the reasons that I like the flamingos so much.


Flamingo 3


The first thing I always do is break the big picture into it's smaller parts. I like to find the details and the individuals within the flock and focus on them. I usually leave the big picture up to others and go small.

I think this approach worked out pretty well. How about you? How would you tackle a large flock of flamingos at the zoo?


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