wedding kids

I'm Cool


I don't normally shoot weddings but when a great friend asks you to help out, you say, "YES, I would love to shoot the wedding!" That is what you say. It's not that I am too good to shoot weddings, it is more like I am terrified to mess up somebody's once in a lifetime event. One where you can not go back and have a "do over".




I shot lots of great images but I will not show them all to you. I mean, who wants to sit and look at pictures from a stranger's wedding? I do however, want to share these photos of the kids at the wedding. They are what made this a really wonderful event for me. This particular image is of my favorite little girlfriend, Josie. Josie is the daughter of the afore mentioned great friend.


Smells Good


This little boy seemed to get a real kick out of the flower's scent. It was as though, for the first time in his life, he did not smell like Play Doh, Crayons, and Cheese Doodles.


Look at those Eyes!


This little girl had the biggest eyes that I have ever seen. She was also pretty shy, not liking strangers and flash units.


Looking for Trouble


Same boy as before. Later in the evening, he changed out of his micro-tux and showed us how to breakdance out on the floor. He was all boy and all energy. I'm glad that he didn't have a brother to multiply his activity level.


Floor Dance


Josie has reached that age, where entertaining babies has become fun.


Clean Up Work


To wrap things up, here is a picture of Dad helping out with the clean up work. I don't know about you but, wedding kids can be the best part about attending weddings. They are all dressed up in little dresses and suits and looking their best. How can you not like that?