the spot light

Prima 1

When all of the waiting, the practice, and preparations are over, each girl gets her moment in the spotlight. Her time to show the audience what she has learned and what she can do.

White Tutu

Some moments are shared with other dancers and some lucky girls get the stage to themselves.

Slippered Feet

The older girls seem to focus on the smallest of gestures. Placing their feet just so. Moving their hands as elegantly as possible. In dance, it seems, perfection is in the smallest of details 

Tutu Contrast

Throughout the entire experience, I am often struck by the impact that dancing must have on the lives of these young girls. Dancing takes them from childhood, through their awkward teen years, and into adulthood. I wonder what they take with them. Do they gain grace and poise? Patience? Do they learn to work hard to achieve their goals? Do they become confident as they change from young girls to young women?

Did you grow up with dance lessons? How did they impact your life?

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tiny dancers
the waiting is the worst part

tiny dancers

Cute Distraction

A dance recital wouldn't be the same without the smallest of dancers having their time on stage. In the same instance, they are the worst dancers and the best dancers to watch. Poorly coordinated and easily distracted, they are the ones that everybody loves to see in action.




Up Doos


Sit Up Straight!



These are the kids that watch intently as the older dancers move about on stage. When their turn comes, the tiny dancers  get the most patience from their instructor and the most rapt attention from the audience. They are wonderful to behold.

I hope you folks have a day that is wonderful to behold. Go ahead and do a little dance…just for you. You know you want to.



the waiting is the worst part

The Waiting is the Worst Part


This weekend, I enjoyed my annual opportunity to shoot a dance recital from back stage. The dance instructor is also a dancer in my wife's belly dance troupe & generously invites me to shoot the practice day as well as the show. I am always awed by the natural back stage lighting combined with the girls as they begin the process of mentally preparing for their time on stage.

Each of them moves through their own preparation process, some moving silently through their dances, while others stand in silent contemplation.


Dancer B&W 1


Dancer B&W 2


Dancer B&W3


All of them are incredibly patient, knowing that their turn will come soon enough. Perhaps, this is a lesson for all of us in life. Be prepared and wait patiently, your turn to shine will come soon enough.



dress rehearsal 2012

Pre Show Jitters


Saturday was the dress rehearsal for Our good friend Patrice's annual spring dance recital. This is one of m favorite shooting opportunities of the year.




The challenge is to try and come up with new shots and try not to repeat one from the previous year.






What I really enjoy is the chance to record this rite of passage for both the children and the parents.


Sitting and Waiting


I am already looking forward to next year's rehearsal.


second gig

All My Girls


This past Saturday, the girls of Mezzelli's Midnight Mirage had their second gig of the season, a benefit for breast cancer awareness. My wife, Jodi is a 12 year survivor of breast cancer and this is one of her favorite events of the year. All of the girls were there, even though Lisa couldn't dance because of a back injury.




Patrice – with those eyes that could melt a crocodile's heart. When I think about Patrice, I think of kindness.




Maggie – gorgeous, talented and gracefully athletic. Kind of like a cat. Maggie can tell stories that make you laugh until you have to pee.




Beth – This woman has a quiet passion that pairs well with her gentle soul. I can easily imagine Beth crossing the country in a VW micro bus with curtains in the windows.




Jennifer – I don't think she has ever taken a bad picture in her entire life. Even in a bad mood, you find yourself laughing when Jen laughs.




Jodi – this one is mine! She's beautiful. She's funny. She gets me. She makes me feel like a love struck teen. She has a look that makes me forget what I am thinking.

They are a really fantastic group of ladies and I am glad that the dance season is back in full swing again. I love summer.



spring hafla part one

Bring it on!


Last night the Spring hafla was held over in Tipp City. This is the first dance gig of the season for many of the area belly dance troops.


Capturing the Moment


The event was open to friends and family and the crowd was pretty big. The audience flowed out onto the street.




Tipp City is a pretty small town and on a Saturday night, the sudden appearance of dozens of belly dancers attracted quite a few of the local townspeople, Some of whom were colorful in their own way.


Hello, Little Man


The dancing was very good (we will cover that at another time). However, you can’t please everybody and some folks found other things to look at. To each his own, I suppose.