second gig

All My Girls


This past Saturday, the girls of Mezzelli's Midnight Mirage had their second gig of the season, a benefit for breast cancer awareness. My wife, Jodi is a 12 year survivor of breast cancer and this is one of her favorite events of the year. All of the girls were there, even though Lisa couldn't dance because of a back injury.




Patrice – with those eyes that could melt a crocodile's heart. When I think about Patrice, I think of kindness.




Maggie – gorgeous, talented and gracefully athletic. Kind of like a cat. Maggie can tell stories that make you laugh until you have to pee.




Beth – This woman has a quiet passion that pairs well with her gentle soul. I can easily imagine Beth crossing the country in a VW micro bus with curtains in the windows.




Jennifer – I don't think she has ever taken a bad picture in her entire life. Even in a bad mood, you find yourself laughing when Jen laughs.




Jodi – this one is mine! She's beautiful. She's funny. She gets me. She makes me feel like a love struck teen. She has a look that makes me forget what I am thinking.

They are a really fantastic group of ladies and I am glad that the dance season is back in full swing again. I love summer.



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