the spot light

Prima 1

When all of the waiting, the practice, and preparations are over, each girl gets her moment in the spotlight. Her time to show the audience what she has learned and what she can do.

White Tutu

Some moments are shared with other dancers and some lucky girls get the stage to themselves.

Slippered Feet

The older girls seem to focus on the smallest of gestures. Placing their feet just so. Moving their hands as elegantly as possible. In dance, it seems, perfection is in the smallest of details 

Tutu Contrast

Throughout the entire experience, I am often struck by the impact that dancing must have on the lives of these young girls. Dancing takes them from childhood, through their awkward teen years, and into adulthood. I wonder what they take with them. Do they gain grace and poise? Patience? Do they learn to work hard to achieve their goals? Do they become confident as they change from young girls to young women?

Did you grow up with dance lessons? How did they impact your life?

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