fiction friday – conversation over a cup

Hot Cider



“Tell me about princesses”, she demanded.

“I’ve never met a princess. I don’t think there are many princesses left any more.”

“You are not doing it right”, she chided. “Tell me about their dresses”

“Ah, yes, their dresses. I think princesses all wear dresses made from pink and purple silk. They wear pretty jewelry made from silver and they have lots of sparkling diamonds. They ride on big white horses…”

“No, they don’t! “ She gasped.

“They don’t?”

“No, they ride ponies”, she corrected. “You are not very good at princesses.”

“I’ll try to do better next time. I’m better with frogs”


7 thoughts on “fiction friday – conversation over a cup

  1. Well, that’s why I think you have a way with stories…it’s a believable conversation. Right down to her exasperation at the faulty logic of an adult, and the amusing concession that frogs would be the easier subject. The portrait is beautiful, too.


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