lake lines

Last weekend, was a cold foggy one. My usual walk at the lake was not in the east bit comfortable. Still, it was beautiful in its own right. As I walked along the ridge overlooking the beach, I saw this scene:




What caught my eye was the way the tree broke the parallel lines of the beach. However, when I began processing the image, I was pretty dissatisfied. The lines were not as parallel as I had thought. There was ice floating in the water that was distracting. So I gave the problem some thought and opened up Photoshop.


DSC03113 PP 3


The first step was to re-crop the image to provide some better balance and focus on the tree. I then straightened the shorelines and removed the distracting ice. Finally, I straighened the tree line and applied some basic adjustments.

Sometimes our images need a little help to get them to be what we envisioned when we snapped the shot. Is it cheating? Is putting makeup on a pretty woman cheating?



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