doolittle raiders

If you are not familiar with the Doolittle Raiders and their attack on Tokyo, you would read up on them.

After the war, they have had a reunion every year. A bottle of brandy was bought and the tradition has been that the last surviving raider would open the bottle and drink to the others.

More than 70 years later, the last 4 survivors decided that it was time to open the bottle. The ceremony was held yesterday, here in Dayton. To honor the ceremony, a flight of B-25 bombers (the plane they flew) was put together to fly over the ceremony. The planes spent the night at the little airport just north of here. Through some connections, I was given a press pass (my first!) so that I could go out onto the runway and photograph the planes.


Sunrise Bomber 2


Sunrise Bomber 3


Georgie's Gal - Angela


BW Bomber 5


BW Bomber 4


BW Bomber 3


BW Bomber 1




Standing there, seeing how small the planes were. Listening to their engines roaring. Seeing the planes circle the airport and then dissappear into the distance. I thought how brave those men were.

P.S. Thought you might like to hear what the engines sounded like being warmed up: 


One thought on “doolittle raiders

  1. Tim, I’m so glad that you got to see these treasures and that you also had the opportunity to photograph them. Love the sound of them warming up.
    Way to go!


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