strange visions I have


I can’t always explain what it is I shoot. Sometimes, all I can do is focus and press the shutter button. I can’t interpret the image. I don’t know that there is any meaning. I’ll leave that up to you. I can tell you that, this year, I probably went to a better Halloween party than you. Belly dancing unicorns…yes, this party was something else.


2 thoughts on “strange visions I have

  1. This is such a great image…strange, sexy weird, colorful, unsettling, festive..and even beautiful. I think you DO win, hooves down, for having gone to the best Halloween party. This is something you just don’t see every day!


  2. Amy,
    It’s one of those few moments in life that is genuinely surreal. I like having the opportunity to see these kinds of events that most people would never get to experience.


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