miss kitty found a new home

Miss Kitty's Nook

While in Atlanta, visiting my parents, we discovered that their cat, Miss Kitty, has a new favorite place to nap. Seems that the cabinet holding all of the quilts is the perfect place to snooze. The life of a cat can be reduced to a few simple rules.

  1. If you can eat it, then eat it by all means.
  2. If you can kill it, then you must play with it first. There is time to kill it later when you are finished having fun.
  3. If you can knock it onto the floor, then of course you should do so.
  4. If you can sleep on it, then it must have been placed there for your comfort. Sleep on it.

 I know that all of our family cats have these rules tattooed onto their skin. It's good to be a cat.


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